Residential & Business Telephone Services

Residential Phone Service

Home phone service with unique features, such as two simultaneous calls with our included two port device, higher ringing power, and rotary dial support that even works with most antique phones. Unlimited USA and Canada calling, E911 service at a flat rate of $15.00 per month and no hidden fees. Pay month to month, and no contracts. Cancel at any time. Port in your number for a $25 Fee. There is a one time charge of $65.00 for account set-up, first month's service and the device shipped to your home. If you choose to add Mexico Calling at $5.00 per month, you also get a Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey number for incoming calls in addition to your USA or Canada number.
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Business Phone Systems

We offer world class business VoIP based phone systems, which offer a wide array phone types. This allows most of the usual kinds of office features like forward, transfer, voicemail, ring goups & Interactive Voice Response Menus (IVR). Our base system is cloud based, with no fees per extension, rather all calls are paid by our low per minute fees. It allows easy movemenet of extensions between home or office or between multiple offices, and transferring and forwarding between office locations. We also offer both cloud based on site systems based on asterisk PBX. We can give you DID (Direct Inward Dialing) to specific departments as well as a main office line.

Asterisk IP PBX

For those seeking to self manage their systems, or those seeking a more personalized experience, we offer open source IP PBX systems based on Asterisk. Asterisk is one of the worlds most popular IP PBX platforms and can be installed at your location or in the cloud. We recommend cloud installations for those who wish to transfer calls between office, or share a system between multiple offices. We offer custom installation and configuration of Free PBX, Issabel, and Vanilla Asterisk installations. If you have an techncian that handles your network we can ship to you pre-configured VoIP devices that your technician can connect at your locations(s).