Stromberg Carlson Slenderet 1981

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Fully ModularFully modular for easy cord replacement.
AC Powered Illumated DialAC Powered illuminated dial requieres wall transformer and proper connection.
Extra Fat Handset CordHas older extra thick handset cord made of round cable.
No CracksNo cracks or chips on outside. It is possible it has internal fracturs that have been glued and reinforced.

Stromberg Carlson licensed the Western Electric designs, and called it the Slenderet, so this is identical to some Western Electric Trimlines of the same era. Unit has minor discolorations and a nice shiny finish. Has older style thick handset cord that stretches to about 15ft (4.5M). Phone keypad will illuminate if the phone is properly provided external power. We may have a illumination kit available at time of sale.

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