Innovative Telephone Solutions

Restored antique telephones for sale. We also do repairs and restoring of your antique telephones as well. Contact us for more information.

Our telephones are not replicas. There are many we sites that sell "retro" or "antique" telephones but they are not truly as stated. if a telephone has a round pushbutton in the shape of a dial, it is probably not really as stated. There are few exceptions such as some phones from the 1970s and 1980s that were sold as "replicas" of older phones, and are now old. Also if a telephone has a dial with more than 10 digits (if it has * & #), it is not truly antique not retro. There are also now a whole new breed of antique phone replicas from India and Asia which include rather convincing candlestick phones, until they are delivered.

These telephones can contribute to the sense of home with traditional bell ringers and familiar designs of yesteryear. They require no external power to make and receive calls. Even the pulse to tone converter is line powered. In many cases, such as with copper phone lines, your phone line keeps working in a power outage, however most modern phones do not. These phones are completely powered by the phone line.